You can bless and protect your family and pets in 30-seconds or less by using your God-given Kingdom Authority to "Speak Life" over them!
 Get instant access to this one minute and 35 second training, (along with the exact words written for you). I show you exactly how to do this, and what to say! You can declare this blessing over your family and your pets every day! It takes less than 30-seconds to do this, and you will feel happy and secure knowing you blessed them today and everyday going forward!


Once you've purchased the product, you will receive an email within a few minutes, and you will have instant access.  You will simply create a log-in and password, and you can watch the video, or access the audio or transcript at any time you wish! They are yours to keep. 

Due to the nature of this being a digital product and being made available at a very low cost, there is no refund available. I will tell you, however, that if you watch and/or listen to this training, and set your heart to understand... you will see results. The Word of God works for anyone who is in agreement with it!

Speak Life!  (Video Training with Written Daily Declaration of Blessing for Family and Pets that will take you 30-seconds or less!)

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